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Why is important to give back to our community?

Jose Maria Gonzalez Donaciones Dell Peru
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For some individuals giving back feels good and for others making an impact out of the goodness of their hearts is all they care about. I believe there is a number of reasons or factors that motivates an individual to begin volunteering.

Unlike other aspects of your life you can not control, volunteering allows you to choose where and how to make a real difference. If you really care about something out there in life them it would be very easy for your to get inspired with your cause. Also it will be very rewarding to see you are making a real and direct impact.

For my the story of volunteering started ten years ago when I found myself teaching children in a very poor and small village outside Lima (Peru) ?? call San Juan de Lurigancho. After a few weeks in the “job”, I realized then and there that my health improved quite a lot even thought I was surrounding by very little, mainly poverty and diseases. However I felt physically healthier, happier and with no stress because I was also surrounded by hundreds of very happy children most of whom never saw a computer before.

I travelled to Peru to setup a computer room and to teach children how to use computers. Five months before I had an accident in Ireland and got a compensation for it so after talking to my lovely Irish wife we decided to buy Dell computers, projectors and network equipment with all the compensation money we got. That christmas we donated all Dell equipment and one month of our busy lives for a good cause. And believe me, that was the best decision we made in a very long time.

Give back and make a difference

Little I knew ten years ago that the happiest people are not those getting more but those giving more or needing less. So If I could change one thing about the world definitely I would eliminate human greed.
Jose Maria Gonzalez Peru Donación Dell ComputersWe all have some kind of skills from which someone else could benefit. Don’t be afraid and make a move in your community to put your unique skills toward helping others. You would be very surprised to learn that by helping others you would be also helping yourself.

So what would you like to be remembered for? Do you want to be remembered for what you have accomplished? (money, prestige, social status …) Not me!. I would like to be remembered for who I have made better and for what I have given back … And giving back to our community has become now my dream.

As a company policy every year at JMG Virtual Consulting we all have to help a charity organization of our choice. So this September I will be travelling to Latin America and India to do what I like the most, volunteering for charity organizations. I can not wait to get there because this makes me proud and my life meaningful

Stay tune!. Thanks for giving back to community.

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